Luminary Cloud™

Realtime Engineering for faster
engineering cycles and faster insights

In engineering, there are always compromises

Your simulation platform shouldn’t be one of them

  • No More Compromising

    Supercomputer-class CFD for high performance and high accuracy without breaking the bank

  • Faster Engineering Cycles

    Performance and automation to rapidly iterate and find your best design

  • Faster Engineering Insights

    Interactive simulation, visualization and analysis for faster time to insight

Built by a team that knows both SaaS and simulation

Jason Lango
CEO & Co-founder

20+ years in High-Performance Infrastructure, Cloud Computing, and Cybersecurity. Brown University Computer Science, NetApp, Silicon Graphics (SGI)

Juan Alonso
CTO & Co-founder

20+ years in Computational Physics, Aerospace Engineering, and Design Optimization. Professor and Director of Aerospace Design Laboratory at Stanford University

Sutter Hill Ventures

Backing market-leading companies since 1962. Founding investors in NVIDIA, Snowflake Computing, Pure Storage, and hundreds more

Our product is in development and will be available soon