Empower your team to create their best designs with faster insights and results, with the most accessible simulation platform.

More accessible

Luminary can be used by anyone, anywhere, at any time. The platform is easy to use and manage.

Faster insights

Run fast simulations at any scale, collaborate around the world with project sharing, and start analyzing results instantly.

Better designs

Optimize designs by leveraging accurate simulation results, data & AI, and extend Luminary to other engineering design tools.

Our differentiators make us an easy choice.

Accessible to anybody, anywhere

Simulation simplified. All you need is an internet connection. Our easy-to-use interface will guide you through the rest.

Accessible to anybody, anywhere
Easy to manage
  • You'll never have to download and install software, provision hardware resources, or manage licenses.

  • Luminary is updated weekly and equipped with an expert support team available when needed.

Fast, scalable and reliable simulations.


Faster than legacy on-premises software


Scales to leverage 100+ GPUs at once

Run simulations in minutes or hours, not days or weeks. We provide a massively scalable multi-GPU solver to free you from hardware constraints and provide rapid insights. No meshing expertise required. With Luminary's ease of use and automated tools, make decisions using data you can trust.

  • Scalable

    Stop worrying about cores, memory, and other IT headaches. The optimal compute resources are automatically provisioned to complete your simulation efficiently.

  • Simulation Ensembles

    Simulate without constraints, whether it's a single, large simulation or numerous parallel simulations. Create explorations to analyze relationships between input and output values and iterate in minutes, not weeks.

Run millions of cells for RANS/DES/LES turbulence models with ease.

0M Cells


0M Cells

DriveAer Notchback — Transient DES

0M Cells

US Army HVAB Rotor — RANS & MRF

0M Cells

Sickle Wing — RANS & Transition Modelling

5min 15min 30min

Empower your whole team to explore and analyze together. Support geographically distributed teams to work more efficiently. All without downloading or sending files.

Instant analysis
Instant analysis

Securely store, access and analyze your data. Raw simulation data is ready for post-processing in seconds within Luminary, allowing engineering designs to be optimized effortlessly.

Results in better designed products
  • Leverage data & AI

    Our automated Design of Experiments adapts and creates versions for you. Fire off a design sweep with the click of a button. Rapidly generate thousands of data points in hours.

  • Python API/SDK

    Drive the entire end-to-end workflow to seamlessly integrate into the engineering and design process.

Industry adaptive solutions.

Aerospace & Defense


Industrial Equipment


Within the competitive Aerospace landscape, organizations consistently face market and regulatory pressures to innovate aircraft design and development. Luminary’s cloud-native platform helps to accurately analyze aircraft performance orders of magnitude faster than legacy solutions. Allowing for the best designs to be reached at a fraction of the time and cost.


NASA High-Lift Common Research Model at an angle of attack of 21.47 degrees.


Launch vehicle Mach number and pressure distribution immediately after max Q.


Shock wave pattern and wake of the NASA/Lockheed Martin C608 Low Boom Flight Demonstrator.


Wall shear stress contours on the surfaces of a serpentine inlet diffuser.

Product Capabilities

High-fidelity Solver at Unparalleled Scale

High-fidelity CFD solver with cloud-based elastic compute to achieve unparalleled scalability

Secured ITAR-Compliant Cloud Environment

A secured platform to run ITAR workloads and simulations

Automated Design Exploration and Optimization

Run design-of-experiments (DOE), sensitivity analysis, and design optimizations to fully explore the design space

Product Benefits

Gain Deeper Insights

Meeting next generation efficiency targets while maintaining reliability standards requires a deeper understanding of the physics affecting flight performance and stability. With Luminary, engineers can obtain high-fidelity transient simulation results in minutes to gain insights into complex flow behavior such as buffeting, and use those insights to optimize the design.

Improve Time to Market

Delays in getting new vehicles into service is a critical challenge facing Aerospace companies, with significant implications to costs and revenue. Luminary’s Realtime EngineeringTM approach enables aerospace organizations to shrink critical aspects of the design process reducing overall program time and gaining critical advantage in the market.

Rapidly Generate Design Data

The future of aviation is digital and autonomous, with increasing demand for data to power advanced control systems. Engineers are leveraging Luminary to generate aerodynamic databases with thousands of data points in hours rather than months, capturing the entire flight envelope to support autonomy and maximize flight readiness.

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